The journal is published four times a year.

Editorial correspondence, including manuscripts for submission and books for review, should be addressed to:

Editor in Chief, Stanisław Juszczyk (for authors from Poland and other countries), to Associate Editor Soňa Kariková (for authors from Slovak Republic) and to Associate Editor Peter Franiok (for authors from Czech Republic). The addresses are as follows:

Stanisław Juszczyk, University of Silesia, Faculty of Education and Psychology, Pl 40-126 Katowice, Grażyńskiego 53, Poland,, tel./fax: +48 32 3599736

Ingrid Emmerová, Matej Bel University, Faculty of Education, 974 11 Banská Bystrica, Ružowá 13, Slovak Republic,, tel.: +421/48/436 42 21, fax: +421/48/436 44 44

Petr Franiok, Pedagogical Faculty, University of Ostrava, 701 03 Ostrava 1, Mlýnská 5, Czech Republic,, tel.: +420 553 46 26 66


Details concerning the preparation and submission of articles can be found on the inside back cover of each issue.

The article template can be downloaded in Word document format and Rich Text Format .

The Declaration and Copyright Transfer Form can be downloaded in Word format or as PDF .